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Anyone who is diagnosed with “cancer” is faced with an existential challenge, like a journey across an unknown ocean – accompanied by fears, thoughts of death and pain, worries about yourself and your loved ones. The new, free online platform CIURO, run by doctors, is a competent companion through all the shallows that this disease brings with it.

On a real trip, we use orientation aids: compass and nautical map for navigation, lighthouses that show us the way and pilots who expertly guide around the shallows on special passages.

When traveling as a cancer patient, however, these guidelines are missing. Competent and empathic accompaniment during the trip and the doctor as a guide are not always available to answer urgent questions or to absorb emotional breakdowns.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that although expensive and highly specialized medicine is practiced, the person affected is left alone with their worries and does not have sufficient access to qualified information. The consequences are dramatic: Left alone with their fears, unsure of what to expect and confronted with an overabundance of information from sometimes questionable sources, many people are overwhelmed with their cancer diagnosis and are unable to help determine their personal path through the disease. In order to get helpful answers as a patient, you have to ask the right questions – and only in this way can those affected make decisions on an equal footing.

Here CIURO is an important and competent companion who can clarify the most important questions and information about your diagnosis with you. The online platform sees the patient as a person and not as a case and places them at the center of a community of those affected. Together with doctors, sponsors and network partners, CIURO enables the patient to cope with the disease independently and with all the necessary professional information and mental tools.

CIURO is run by doctors, is independent and digitally caring, empowering and available at all times.

ciuro – Mein Begleiter durch den Krebs.